How to Wear Large Earrings


At one time, it appeared that small, delicate jewelry was the preferred option for women attending an elegant function or simply going out on a casual date. However, the trends are turning toward wearing those big, bold jewelry pieces. Numerous celebrities are wearing those bold pieces on the red carpet. Even regular girls are wearing bold jewelry around their neck, around their wrists, and on their fingers. Those that wear large earrings are certainly making a very bold fashion statement. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to wear large jewelry pieces.

Storing Large Jewelry
Of course, those large pieces of jewelry deserve a nice home. Therefore, invest in a large silver jewelry box. The fact is that silver is the new black. It is a very trendy color that is also neutral. It is perfect for gold, silver, rose gold, or even natural pieces of jewelry. Your treasures will look very stylish in this type of storage. It is also a good idea to invest as much money as possible in a large silver jewelry box. Paying more is generally assurance of a higher quality piece.

Wearing Large Jewelry
What is the key to wearing larger jewelry and looking great? Well, here are a few easy to follow tips.
-Only wear one large piece of jewelry at a time to make one bold and elegant statement
-Avoid Flashy, low quality large pieces of jewelry.
-Never mix bold, larger pieces of jewelry with flashy, loud colored clothing.
-Always dress appropriately, when wearing larger jewelry. Neutrals are the best bet.
-Make sure that jewelery does not interfere with your movements or is covered by clothing.

Certainly, large jewelry is on trend today. This fashion trend is seen on the runways, red carpet, and in fashion magazines across the country.